Patent Citation Monitoring Service

CiteTracker is a highly reliable way to automatically monitor newly published patent citations.
  • Who is citing your company’s patents?
  • Who is citing your clients’ patents?
  • Which new competitors are entering your space?
  • What licensing opportunities are emerging?
  • Who is citing a particular technology?
CiteTracker answers your questions and increases your productivity by constantly monitoring citations; by providing a highly usable, interactive dashboard with integrated analytics and downloadable results, and by delivering a streamlined personal weekly new citations report by email.
CiteTracker: The new citation alerting service from Minesoft.

CiteTracker is the ideal Competitive Intelligence resource for patent attorneys, lawyers, IP Counsel, R&D, search firms, licensing and technology transfer offices. It is a fully automated service; Minesoft takes care of everything from alert set-up to results delivery. Eliminates the need to run manual searches for new citations saving time and resources. It is highly cost effective, one fixed low annual price. Unique to the market - the only service of its kind. Global coverage - receive new citations from around the world as they are published